Providing extreme flexibility, Fiberbuilt’s patent-pending Composite Seal Technology is integrated to provide a pig with the only true multidiameter capability in the industry.

  • The extreme flexibility, range and resiliency of the composite seal construction allows the pig to easily transit any pipe schedule changes, and other minor ID anomalies or diameter restrictions
  • Even significant challenges such as nominal pipeline diameter changes are also easily accommodated with the composite seal assembly
  • Extensively tested and proven to transit the pipeline diameter changes as specified
  • Available with patented Fiberbuilt Composite Seals in 3-4 inch, 3-6 inch, 4-6 inch, 4-8 inch, and 6-8 inch configurations
  • Custom sizes and designs available

Multi-Diameter Pig with Fiberbuilt Composite Seals

The patented flexible brush/diaphragm/brush seal design allows for low differential pressure pigging through pipeline diameter changes, dented sections, and pipelines with low flow rates and pressures.

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