Filming Pigs

To maximize the effectiveness of batching and inhibitor application, especially in lower pressure lines, it’s critical to minimize resistance. Fiberbuilt’s filming pigs integrate a flexible seal design to do just that.

Fiberbuilt Filming Pigs use patent pending Fiberbuilt Composite Seals to provide consistent wall contact that applies inhibitor film evenly throughout the run.

  • The low-differential pressure drag seal allows for batching to be completed at lower operating pressures, simplifying operations and increasing safety
  • The composite seal allows the filming pigs to be deployed and effectively operated in complex pipeline geometries
  • The consistent wall contact, reduced wall forces and reduced coefficient of friction of the Fiberbuilt composite pig seal allows a more consistent inhibitor application without a heavy seal wiping inhibitor away from the pipeline wall
  • Available with the patented Fiberbuilt Composite Seal in 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” configurations
  • Custom sizes and designs available

Filming Pig with Fiberbuilt Composite Seals

The patented flexible brush/diaphragm/brush seal design allows for low differential pressure pigging through pipeline diameter changes, dented sections, and pipelines with low flow rates and pressures.

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