June 6, 2019

Testing Methodology to Improve Pig Designs for Unpiggable Pipelines

To reduce uncertainty and risk of pigging through difficult-to-pig pipelines, a best practice is to establish pig passage through any unpiggable features and pipeline geometries in a series of controlled above ground experiments. This paper outlines dry-pull and closed-loop testing methods and limitations and compares the drag/passage data of various pig features through different pipeline anomalies.

February 27, 2017

New Pig Designs for Corrosion Pit Cleaning and Multi-Diameter Capability

Pipeline corrosion mitigation is critically important to ensure the safe and responsible operation of the world’s pipeline infrastructure. New Fiberbuilt low-drag pigging seals coupled with the new corrosion pit cleaning system will both improve the performance of corrosion mitigation pigging and allow pressure-sensitive gathering systems to be economically pigged at a higher frequency than was possible before.

February 14, 2017

Design and Testing of Fiberbuilt’s New Corrosion Pit Cleaning Pig

Detailed studies identified that significant improvements beyond currently available cleaning pigs are required to more effectively address cleaning corrosion pits. Fiberbuilt Manufacturing has developed and quantitatively tested a new pipeline pig system to improve the cleaning of these pipeline corrosion pit features. The results of the Fiberbuilt corrosion pit cleaning test and evaluation program are presented here.